What Can I Do Daily To Keep My Dog Happy?


What Can I Do Daily To Keep My Dog Happy?

Some new dog owners may think that this is a silly question, but it is in fact a great one to ask! Why? Because the answer boils down to only three basic needs that – if kept up properly – is all you need to keep your dog strong, healthy, and happy.

1. Food: Give excellent food in two measured feedings each day. Pick up the food bowl when he or she walks away from it. If you have more than one pet, feed them at the same time but in separate places, so they can’t see each other. This prevents competitive eating, which leads to obesity.

2. Water: Clean the bowl and refill with fresh water at least twice daily. Pets drink more when the water is fresh. This reduces wear on the kidneys and promotes strong immunity and long life. Rest room activities: Make it possible for your dog to get outside at least every few hours. If he or she can’t urinate often, the risk of bladder and kidney disease will escalate.

3. Walks: Add a good brisk walk or other regular exercise and life will be near perfect for your dog as well as give you fresh air too.

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  1. Allen Philbeck says:

    1 through 3 are very important, but i did not see #4. Step #4 should be *Plenty of Love and play time*. My pit Maggie is the most loving pit i have had. She is an inside dog and i work from 7am to 5pm daily. When i come home from work she is so excited to see me. it takes about a hour for her to calm down. When i go to bed she will lay her head across my chest and watch the door as if she is protecting me. My last pit was a male and he was the same way, I lost him 2 yrs ago to cancer. So in closing, Show your pit/pits all the love you can, they will never get tired of it….

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